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Swapsee is the place to go for the talent you need, in your own community!

Swapsee is a local talent marketplace and skill-sharing platform for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses. Swapsee connects professionals with projects in their region, and provides a way for startups and organizations to find talent near them. Members can pay or be paid in cash, or swap their skills. How it works?

The online world and the offline world coexist – At Swapsee we believe that getting to know someone in a physical plane is indispensible when it comes to creating synergies and business opportunities, that’s why we organize offline activities in a regular basis such as workshops, talent mixers, and networking sessions. See calendar of events

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Are you a high quality professional? If the answer is yes, we'll be thrilled to have you! Being a swapseer will help you to be more connected within your community, as well as finding interesting projects, collaborators and talent near you.