Event announcement: EatSwap Experience!

03 Oct 2013
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Event announcement: EatSwap Experience!


A few weeks ago Swapsee closed a collaboration agreement with one of the most exciting startups in the world: Eatwith. Eatwith is a global community that invites people to dine in homes around the world. Guests connect with amazing hosts, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine.


At Swapsee we are totally crazy about the Eatwith concept and we thought that a good way to inaugurate our collaboration was to organize a fun and interesting joint event. We called it "BCN Talent Mixer" but at the end of the night guests referred to it as "The EatSwap Experience" – which we will be using from now on, thank you! 


Some of the most creative entrepreneurs in Barcelona and best Eatwith chefs gathered in an Eatwith location in Borne, ate delicious food while sharing ideas and experiences. Eatwith hosts Agata Albero and Natalie Jade Ellis, among others, came to the event. Entrepreneurs Marc Puig (co-founder of Bloosee), Laura Martinez (founder of Knok), Marti Tovias (founder of Babanjo) and 8 other startup geniuses also came. Finally, Ascanio, the host of the night, was fantastic! 


In spite of the thunder, lightning and heavy rain the event was a huge success. Thank you all the participants for turning the night into an unforgettable experience! 


[Keep your eyes open and check our Facebook page regularly, many more EatSwap experiences to come!]




For more information contact Marta Marine, Community Development and Partnerships Manager of Swapsee (mmarine@swapsee.com).