Swapsee partners with Monday Happy Monday

18 Nov 2013
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Swapsee partners with Monday Happy Monday

Swapsee and Barcelona headhunting and gig-hunting company Monday Happy Monday (MHM) have many things in common: they both have understood and set new parameters when it comes to the way people work. They also share a common goal: to create new opportunities for freelancers.

Maite Moreno, founder of MHM, says, "We have reached the end of work as we knew it. Swapsee realizes this, as does MHM. Both our business models are based on our ability to forecast new realities of work and give solutions for adjustment. Companies' traditional model of having a permanent workforce doesn't work anymore. Slowly but surely, and thanks to players such as MHM and Swapsee, corporations, SMEs and startups are understanding that having an external workforce made of freelancers and clusters improves their results and puts them ahead of the competition."

As a result of the Great Recession, work behaviors have changed completely. The old ways of hiring have long been obsolete, and freelancers are now considered assets, allowing companies to fill in the gaps flexibily when looking for specific skills. They closed the deal and are now working together. 

Marta Marine, community development and partnerships manager of Swapsee, says, "At Swapsee we are thrilled to partner with MHM. Maite Moreno understands the needs and challenges of the current labor market, and, the same as us, is determined to helping freelancers connect with opportunities in their region."

As part of the agreement, Maite Moreno will post all projects from her end on the Swapsee platform. In return she will have full access to our skills marketplace, which is filled with great talented professionals, as well as to all our events and talent mixers.

MHM has been using Swapsee for a while now and has already experienced its benefits. Maite's first success story on the platform was a few weeks ago. She was looking for a Marketing and Communication expert to help one of her clients develop a plan for his company. She posted a job on Swapsee and shortly after found Joakim Vivas, a freelance consultant to businesses and startups specializing in digital marketing. They closed the deal and are now working together.