Swapsee and FARO join forces to change the way teens look at their careers

16 Mar 2014
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Swapsee and FARO join forces to change the way teens look at their careers

Faro, the Experience Agency, is the compass that lets young people explore with a purpose. A social impact initiative recently launched in Barcelona by Swapsee members Monica Evason and Cristina Lastra, it will revolutionise the way young people focus on their future by creating a unique, personalised portfolio of on and offline resources and experiences for 15-19 year old students to help them make informed choices in the life defining moments they face to maximize their chances of success later in life. Currently in the Beta stage of the foundational elements that drive the service, it’s a profoundly collaborative project and open to support, ideas and co-creation from people and organisations who feel they can contribute to empower these very young adults, give them self-confidence and sketch a more accurate picture of what they want to do with their future.

Faro uses the ‘Experience’ concept in its widest possible definition. It can be an hour, a day a week or something entirely different. Something that will provide value and a unique, positive learning activity that is skill-based, explorative and hands-on. They can be surprising and unexpected, preferably with a social, engaging side with takeaways and associations that will support the discovery of skills and passions that may or may not be obvious to the participant. Therein lies the magic of Faro experiences! 

Faro feels that the collaborative community Swapsee represents is a natural fit for experiences, while Swapsee wants to become involved and support Faro in their mission. At this foundational stage, Swapsee can offer connections with professionals and companies through our network who already have or would like to create a youth program as part of a CSR strategy or simply to collaborate by designing a unique experience for FARO teens.

So we’re excited to present the first task Faro has asked us to do: finding placements for 11 students from St Pauls School in Barcelona who require a week’s unpaid work experience as part of their first year of Bachillerato. They are 16 years old and will come prepared thanks to the Faro Workshops in which they are currently taking part. Among many other things, the Workshops coach them in preparing age-appropriate CVs, interviewing and the work application process while the school provides the legal (insurance) documents required to host the student. 

If you would like to participate and "adopt a teenager" for a few days and offer him or her a work experience please get in touch with Cristina of Faro (cristina@projectfaro.com) or Marta Mariné of Swapsee (mmarine@swapsee.com).