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Each year, more than 262,000 tons of food goes to waste in Catalonia. Swapsee, the community marketplace for talent, along with Claro Partners, a Barcelona-based business innovation firm, in collaboration with EatWith and Le18 organized a Service Jam to tackle this issue head-on during Fest-UP.
On Monday, May 5th the first-ever session of the Fest-UP Service Jam BCN kicked off with 18 participants, all of them from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. From researchers and food waste experts to business people, marketers and designers, there was a wide range of profiles participating in the jam. There were no drop-outs and engagement by all participants was extraordinary!
- Group 1: Aina Pascual Cuadras, Ayse Naz Pelen, Ilia Zelenkin, Julie Frene, Mariana Socorro, and Roberto Renteria
- Group 2: Josep Romero, Marilyn Markman, Mayya Husseini, Nuria Valero, Rebeca Martín Retuerto, and Simon Green
- Group 3: Paco Muñoz-Gutiérrez, Sergio Correa, Diletta Parente, Branislav Erdelyi, Benedicte Bodard, and Nicole Harper
Day 1 kicked off with an intro by event manager Marta Mariné of Swapsee who explained the dynamics of the Service Jam and the reason behind it: to bring talent together, collaborate, and come up with ideas to solve the problem of food waste. Gaby Susana and Diletta Parente of Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments participated in the event as well, giving a presentation on the state of food wastage in the world and in Catalonia. This helped participants contextualize the issue and also form a real sense of the numbers and statistics behind it.  You can see the intro presentation that was used at the event here. Our media partner Barcinno published the article “Fest-UP Service Jam Day 1: First Impressions” which can be read here.
Fest-UP Service Jam BCN Day 1
With their value proposition ready, Day 2 was all about teams defining their product offer in greater detail. Groups were challenged to create service journeys for their ideas as well as business model canvases. You can see all the tools we gave them here. Mid-session, the same as Day 1, participants were invited to take a break and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by EatWith host Pablo Galván. Pablo delighted everybody with extraordinary flavors and a lot of vegetarian and gluten-free options for those that required it. If you're looking for an interesting gastronomic experience in Barcelona we definitely recommend Pablo. We did a short interview with him which you can read here
Fest-UP Service Jam BCN Day 2
Day 3 was very exciting with the final presentations taking place before the jury. The panel of judges at Fest-UP Service Jam BCN was fantastic: Abdi Shayeste of Ousul Ventures, Rosa Monge of Imagine Creative Center, Victor Fortunado of Cookbooth, Franck Poirier of Le18, Aldo de Jong of Claro Partners, Jan-Willem Bode of Swapsee, and Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit of Startup Grind BCN.
Here are the descriptions of the concepts presented in Day 3:
Group1: Super Food Heroes
Super Food Heroes is a memorable and fun mobile game for kids where vegetables and fruits are Super Food Heroes that need to be saved from Waste Monster. The goal? To save our future and raise awareness of the value of food among kids and their parents. The game will be free, and the business will be based on involving brands such as supermaket chains, agriculture associations, and food producers to put their brands in the game. 
Group 2: FoodFlick 
FoodFlick is a peer-to-peer platform where people are able to browse through pictures of dishes that those nearby don’t want and wish to share with others for free, and even post their own. FoodFlick is the fun and interactive solution to our fast-lane living helping reduce food waste in the household. In exchange, FoodFlickers receive discounts on short shelf-life food products at supermarkets & other added benefits, making it a win-win for all parties!
Group 3: FoodLoop
FoodLoop is the “ebay of food”, a B2B platform that connects companies in the food supply chain that own hard to market food, such as residues of culling or perishing foods, with companies that want them. The trade is executed on the basis of bidding: first tier bidding is executed based on price, second tier—in case food does not get sold–on donation to an approved non-commercial organization, such a charity or an NGO. The revenue model is based on commission fee per transaction and consulting fees for clients.
The jury had a difficult time deciding since the three ideas were very different and all had a lot of strengths, however only one team could win. With a lot of excitement in the air, on Friday, May 9, the winning team was announced at the Fest-UP Awards Ceremony. The winner was... FOOD LOOP! (Paco Muñoz-Gutiérrez, Sergio Correo, Branislav Erdelyi, Benedicte Bodard, Diletta Parente, and Nicole Harper).
Fest-UP Service Jam BCN Awards
As part of the prize, the team will receive further mentoring from Claro Partners. When asked if they were planning to carry out the project the answer by all team members was a rotund YES:  “By all means we're going to do it!” (Sergio Correa). 
We are very happy to have received such good feedback by all participants of the Service Jam:
“The most important things I gained from the Service Jam are an amazing experience, meeting wonderful people, inspiration to keep participating in this kind of events and brainstorming for new ideas. Thank you!”, Julie Frene.
“Thank you Marta & the Swapsee team for putting such a creative & productive event together!”, Mayya Hussein.
“Dear friends in the organization team, thank you so much for all. It has really been a great pleasure”, Josep Romero
Last but not least, don’t miss BCN Startup Video great recap video. Thanks BCN Startup Video for putting together this fantastic video for us! Also, you can see more pictures of the service jam here.  
*Special thanks to Franck and Patricia from Le18 for their absolutely phenomenal service. Lean more about Le18 here.
**Fest-UP Service Jam BCN was sponsored by Estrella Damm and Barcinno.
Fest-UP Service Jam BCN Sponsor

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