Frequent asked questions


  • 1. What is Swapsee?

    Swapsee is a community-based skill share platform, where you can exchange jobs and abilities with other Swapsee member, build your own personal profile and network, and engage in community activities and events.

  • 2. How do I hire someone on Swapsee?

    You post a job on the platform by clicking on the “Post a Job” button and entering the details of your job (description, dates, etc.).

    Swapsee members who see your job post on the Marketplace may review the details and make an offer.

    You can then review all the offers and messages you’ve received and assign the job to the person of your choice. Once the job is completed, you submit a review of the person you hired.

    You may also send job posts directly to individual members who have made their services available on the Marketplace. If you see a Skill post from a chiropractor, for example, on the Skills section of the Marketplace, and would like to hire his/her services, you may post a job directly to them. They will receive a message notifying them of your direct job post. The rest of the process is the same as that for any other job.

    Finally, you may also send job posts directly to any member you are connected with.

  • 3. How do I find work on Swapsee?

    You can review all job posts from the Jobs section of the Marketplace and make an offer to any and all job posts you want. After making an offer, the poster of the job has the option of assigning the job to you. Once you’ve completed the job in question, you may review the person who hired you.

    In addition to making offers to exiting job posts, you can take initiative and make your services available to other members by clicking on the “Post Skill” button, and entering the details of the services you can provide.  Members will be able to review the details of your Skill Post and hire you by sending you a job post.

  • 4. What kinds of jobs and skills can I exchange on Swapsee?

    The main categories of jobs exchanged on Swapsee include Business, Creative, Technology, Design, Lifestyle, Events, Office, Home, Transport and Manual skills.

    You can also post jobs or skills outside of these categories, which are continuously being adapting based on member needs and feedback. 

  • 5. How does swapping work?

    When you post a job, you can choose to receive offers in the form of swaps in addition to monetary offers.

    Swaps are the exchange of one job for another. For example, if you want to hire someone to design a logo for your company, members may offer to design your logo in exchange for you using your skills, for example providing business advice, to complete a job for them.

    When you assign a swap, you are assigning your job to the person of your choice, as well as agreeing to complete the job that person has asked of you. 

  • 6. Can I make my job and skill posts have more visibility?

    Yes. When posting a job or skill you have the option of promoting your post in the Promoted Offers section of the website. The Promoted Offers section is visible on every page of Swapsee and is tailored for each individual member in order to increase the chances you have of receiving responses to your post.

  • 7. How does payment between members work?

    For jobs where a monetary amount has been agreed, payment takes place offline in the manner agreed upon by you and the person you’re working with.

  • 8. What about VAT and other tax issues?

    When entering the amount you would like to pay for a job, or the amount you would like to be paid when making an offer, the amounts you enter are understood to include VAT. All other relevant tax issues are your responsibility and that of the person you’re working with.

  • 9. Is posting jobs and skills free?


  • 10. Does Swapsee charge any fees?

    Yes. Swapsee charges fees at certain points during the job and allocation process, and for the promotion of job and skill posts. Swapsee also offers different membership plans Details can be found here: www.swapsee.com/memberships.html

  • 11. How do I make use of my personal profile and that of other members?

    When you first sign up to Swapsee, you are prompted to build your profile outlining your skills, interests, experience, etc. You can also build or edit your profile at any point after signing up. As you engage in jobs with other members you automatically build a history of jobs on your profile, with ratings and reviews from the people you’ve worked with.

    You personal profile allows other members to get to know you more and helps them understand how best they can work with you. 

  • 12. How do I build and use my network on Swapsee?

    You can send an invitation to connect with any member you want. Once you connect with a person, you can exchange jobs at no cost and exchange messages freely.

    You may view your connections from your Home, either alphabetically or arranged in the groups you’ve created.

    You can also navigate your connections visually from the Spider section of the Home. The Spider allows you to view all your connections and that of you’re the people you’re connected with. This allows you to leverage your network in order to learn more about other members of the community and find people you would like to work with. 

  • 13. How is Swapsee community based?

    We support every local community by a variety of offline and online events to help people get to know each other and find ways to better work together. Online, we have a community section visible on every page, where we regularly add relevant blogs to foster discussion, and invite experts from the community and beyond to write articles and opinion pieces. We also have a strong social media presence that allows you to share with and leverage your other networks.

    Offline, we organize events, including social activities and professional networking events, as well as courses and presentations provided by experts in a variety of fields. The goal is to build communities where members can trust each other and use each other’s abilities to accomplish what ever they wish.

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