How it works

Learn about how you can manage Swapsee

Join & Post, it's free!

Request an invite via or use this speedy link. Describe what you are looking for and the type of project. Is it a freelance gig, partnership opportunity, an internship or a permanent position?

Also, is it a cash offer or a swap?


Stay organized

Keep track of your interactions in a very organizaed way. All conversations will be saved in an easy-to-access place for your review!

Don´t forget to check your inbox! Skilled swapseers may respond to your job posts and write you private messages.

Connect with candidates and chat with them using Swapsee’s chat system to find out if they are a good fit.

Let's work

Assign the job, it’s free! (?)

Have you found the perfect candidate? Have you checked reviews & ratings and maybe even met him or her in person? It’s time to assign him/her the project! (?)

Work together

Time to work! Exchange messages freely via and attach files to keep of progress.

Pay or swap

Place money in our escrow system first, or seetle outside the platform.

Rate & Review

Once the job is done please rate the swapseer you chose to work with and write a review.

In this way you’ll be helping other members of the Swapsee community.

Join Swapsee

If you are not a Swapsee member yet, request an invite to join here. Introduce yourself! Show the rest of the Swapsee community who you are, what you do, and what experience you have.

Very important: don't forget to upload a picture of yourself! Profiles with pictures are more successful.


Post your skills – it's free!

What service or services do you offer? What are your skills and talents? Post a small add highlighting your skills and the kind of projects that interest you. Posting a skill will make you appear on the Swapsee marketplace and make you easier to find.

With hundreds of skills posted on our marketplace sometimes it's easy to get lost among them. For just €10 you can promote your skill to gain more visibility.


Contact and chat

Connect with other swapseers with interesting profiles and explore business opportunities with them.

One of the things that sets Swapsee apart is that we help professionals in the local community to connect with each other, so if you find someone with whom you'd like to chat we suggest that you meet up for coffee and build synergies face to face.

Let's work

If you are offered a job close the deal on Swapsee (?)

Have you found an interesting job or project thanks to Swapsee? Even though it has a small cost it is very important you close the deal on the platform for various reasons

Work together

Time to work! Exchange messages freely through Swapsee and share documents so you can accurately track progress on a project.

Be paid in cash or swap your skills

Ask the person hiring to deposit their money in our secure escrow payment system. and guarantee you'll be paid on time, or complete the transaction or the exchange off the platform in person.

Rate & Review

Once the project has been completed evaluate the swapseer you worked with and write a short review.

Doing this you'll help other members of the community too.

we want your talent

Are you a high quality professional? If the answer is yes, we'll be thrilled to have you! Being a swapseer will help you to be more connected within your community, as well as finding interesting projects, collaborators and talent near you.