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For more information on how to partner with Swapsee please contact Marta Mariné: mmarine@swapsee.com


Peers is San Francisco based member-driven organization that supports the sharing economy movement. Its mission is to protect, grow, and mainstream the sharing economy everywhere. By sharing what we already have — like cars, homes, skills and time — everyone benefits in the process. For more about Peers, click here.

Swapsee partners with Peers.org and hosts Dinner With Peers in Barcelona


Monday Happy Monday (MHM) is a Barcelona based gighunting company, the first of its kind in Spain. MHM connects companies that want to create an external workforce with the freelance world, fostering work opportunities. MHM provides companies with a comprehensive and complete service offering that gives response to all needs related to having an extended workforce. For more about Monday Happy Monday, click here.

Swapsee partners with Monday Happy Monday


EatWith is a trusted global community that invites people to dine in homes around the world. Guests can connect with amazing hosts, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine. EatWith offers people a fun and easy way to be a host for meals and unforgettable experiences in their own home. Prepare your favorite dishes for guests from around the globe, meet interesting people and share stories and personal insights. For more about EATWITH, click here.

EatSwap Experience!


2050 Magazine is a well-established online publication in the renewable energy sector. Its mission is to to inform the world about the positive developments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change. Swapsee and 2050 partnered in order to build together the first Swapsee virtual community for renewable energy professionals. For more about 2050 Magazine, click here.


Future Energy by Ultra Light Startups is a series of events that connects entrepreneurs, researchers, and private investors in the energy and clean-tech industries to develop and commercialize radical solutions to the world’s energy challenges. For more about Future Energy, click here.

Renewable energy entrepreneurs... get ready to pitch!


The Green Village will be a lively, green and visible area where scientists and students meet entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, artists, and teachers. An area with amazing possibilities, technologies, products and systems that will contribute to a green environment. Swapsee and The Green Village are working together to create tools and virtual networking solutions for renewable energy professionals. For more about The Green Village, click here.

Swapsee and The Green Village


Faro, the Experience Agency, is a social impact initiative recently launched in Barcelona that will revolutionize the way young people focus on their future by creating a unique, personalised portfolio of on and offline resources and experiences for 15-19 year old students. For more about Faro, click here.

Swapsee and FARO join forces to change the way teens look at their careers


Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Startup Grind host monthly events in more than 85 cities and 35 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. At Swapsee we are happy to bring all swapsee members a 40% discount offer to attend all Startup Grind events in Barcelona. To access your special promo code email us here: mmarine@swapsee.com. For more about Startup Grind, click here.


At Swapsee we understand that as a startup and/or entrepreneur you might want to have some unique videos shot for you but don’t want to spend a lot of money. This is why we've paired up with BCN Startup Video! BCN Startup Video is a video production company in Barcelona, who makes unique promo, demo and marketing videos for startups, businesses, websites and apps. Learn more about BCN Startup Video’s special deals for swapseers here. For more about BCN Startup Video, click here.

Special deal for Swapseers: 50% discount off a Promo Video, and more


Miniguide is a pocket-size cultural magazine and guide to Barcelona published 10 times a year and freely distributed among 300 points in the center of the city. We target culturally inquisitive residents and visitors to the city with an interest in urban culture. Miniguide aims to promote Barcelona's creative, independent spirit and bring its readers closer to the heart of the city's urban culture. For more about Miniguide, click here.


Eureka- Startups is the online reference platform used by entrepreneurs to exclaim aloud: Eureka! When they get resources, help, advice, training, tools, users, customers, investors, mentors they are inspired to create and launch their business startups and lead to success. For more about Eureka- Startups, click here.


Quedamus is an online community for networking at professional events. It informs you of the events of your interest, you can filter by province or professional category. You'll find everything: marketing, technology, law, human resources, entrepreneurship, personal development, etc. Also Quedamus let’s you see the event attendees, view their profile, and prepare your strategy for each networking event. For more about Quedamus, click here.


Startup Academy accelerates your career and allows you to acquire the skills, ways of thinking and networking necessary to succeed in a startup. The 4-month program is taught in Madrid and offers a practical and concrete view of an Internet startup. It consists of a module where the student must carry out a team project from idea to validation, and three specializations: traction, business, code. Startup Academy offers all swapseers a 5% discount on the total price of the program. To learn more about the program and access your discount code please email us at mmarine@swapsee.com. For more about Startup Academy, click here.


Social & Social is an association based in Madrid dedicated to the dissemination and dinamization of social entrepreneurship. Social & Social supports projects that have a clear positive impact on the lives of people, inclusive, and that are able to establish synergies and alliances with other initiatives. For more about Social & Social, click here.


Traity wants to create a world where we can trust one another for any type of transaction, from sharing cars to online dating. People on eBay are trustworthy when they have many stars. Unfortunately, you can only use your eBay stars within eBay. So who owns your reputation? eBay or you? Traity helps you aggregate your reputation history so that you can leverage it anywhere you want. With our Reputation Passport, you become a credible member of any online community so that you never have to start from zero stars again. For more about Traity, click here.


Medialab-Prado is a program part of the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism of the Madrid City Council. It is conceived as a citizen laboratory for the production, research and dissemination of cultural projects that explore collaborative forms of experimentation and learning that have emerged from digital networks. For more about Medialab-Prado, click here.


Zona CoWorking is an online magazine that aims to be a meeting point for entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone interested in the global coworking movement, business collaboration and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to promote and assist the development of the global coworking movement by publishing the latest industry news both nationally and internationally as well as articles and interviews to key professionals in the coworking and entrepreneurship sphere. For more information about Zona CoWorking click here.


Eurasmus is a unique and free platform in which international students can find and book accommodation across Europe. It also is a job portal with more than 3000 internship opportunities all around de EU. In addition, it provides key information about the major European cities so that students can learn more about their city of destination. This interactive accommodation portal allows the possibility of booking a student room using a secure payment system with landlord verification, customer reviews and guaranteed refunds. For more about Eurasmus, click here.

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